The Shadow Soldier - The Matt Branson Story

Matt Branson went to West Point Military Academy and just knew he would be a cavalry officer after he graduated. The Army had other ideas about his military future.

Matt was given the opportunity to serve his country in the Military Information Division. His decision to forego his dreams of being a cavalry officer led him to a life in the shadows. He went to Buffalo, Wyoming, to evaluate the Johnson County War to determine if federal intervention was merited; Canton, Texas, to expose the Ku Klux Klan; Wounded Knee with the 7th Cavalry; and to the island of Cuba to train revolutionaries.

When he returned from Cuba, the Army assigned him to Fort Leavenworth to head up the training of new agents. He survived an assassination attempt, got married, and traveled to Germany as a cultural attaché to function as a spy for the U.S. government. After returning to the United States he was assigned to England to work with MI5 during WWI.

Matt survived several attempts on his life and retired from the Army. An unanticipated opportunity arose from a phone call seeking the help of his unique skills. After finding a kidnapped child, he is contacted by several rich clients through the years to solve their unusual problems.

The Shadow Soldier is the story of the early days of military intelligence and one man’s devotion to his country and family.

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