A Search For Isra'el

 In the troubling times we live in we struggle to understand world events as they unfold before our very eyes. Are the Muslims that are attacking Israel fulfilling Bible prophesy? Will Israel survive? Has Israel been restored as predicted by Bible prophesy?

All these questions and many more trouble both Christians and Jews who look to their sacred books, the Old and New Testaments, for guidance and answers. Unfortunately there are no definitive answers contained within the pages of either testament. We are provided with clues, and based on these hints and what we can assemble from secular history, we can put together a reasonable conclusion regarding the reality of who the modern Israel is and their significance in the world today.

A Search for Israel attempts to couple biblical information together with secular events to arrive at a picture of who and what constitutes Israel – the nation and the people. 

Sunday school teachers and Protestant ministers will not discuss the realities associated with biblical prophecies as they pertain to Israel —the issue is too complicated and the false premises too deeply ingrained.
A Search for Israel was written to provide the inquiring and open-minded reader with the biblical, historical, and anecdotal information needed to make an informed decision regarding the Jews and the possible disposition of Israel today.