Unholy Dilemma 3: A Search for logic in the Qur'an (Volume 3)

 Unholy Dilemma 3 – A Search for logic in the Qur’an is a book which deals with the claims, admonitions, scientific errors, conflations, and absurdities that are found in the Islamic Holy Writ. Various Surahs and Ayahs (chapter and verse) are quoted and then examined for clarity of thought and divine inspiration and revelation.As a by-product of the book, the Old and New Testaments are compared to the Qur’an and where noted, the obvious plagiarism of these more ancient documents is noted. Anyone who is interested in what the Qur’an actually states and how its words guide one and one-half billion Muslims around the world should take the time to read this offering. Islam is as much a social order as a religion, and without understanding of the implications of this belief system one cannot possibly understand the intentions and goals of Islam.