Unholy Dilemma - A search for logic in the Old Testament

 Many theologians, Bible scholars, and others have written commentaries on the Old Testament—and almost without exception they have attempted to explain the intent and spiritual implications represented by the conflicting statements of the ancient writers without taking issue with the content itself. Unholy Dilemma – A search for logic in the Old Testament departs from the approach of presuming to divine what the ancient writers meant to say and merely examines what they actually did say.Starting with Genesis and culminating in Malachi, Unholy Dilemma strives to examine statements and claims made by the various Old Testament writers, and then analyzes them in light of history, science, human physiology, archaeological discoveries, and plain common sense. The results are fascinating, compelling, and at times, perplexing.Biblical myths and superstitions are revealed for what they actually are. Impossibilities supposedly based on natural science are exposed as fraudulent claims. Acts of genocide which are claimed are discussed and questioned. And where I found truth and moral instruction—that too, was highlighted. The only explanation we have of the nature of God is obtained solely via the writings of the Old and New Testament authors. Since no one has actually seen or talked with God, everything we believe is obtained from the writings of ancient and superstitious people who in turn got their information from other individuals. Unholy Dilemma does not begin with any particular agenda or inflexible viewpoint regarding the accuracy and truthfulness of the Old Testament scriptures. The information I discovered when I turned over a specific rock is all that I discuss. I add nothing and take nothing away!The incongruity between the Gods of the Old and New Testaments are compared for analysis. The fact that both Gods are claimed to be one is also discussed. And the fact that the two are claimed to be the same entity, although their natures seem to be at complete variance, is also discussed.Unholy Dilemma is an interesting and revealing analysis of Old Testament stories and individuals which makes no attempt at being religiously correct or adhering to established dogma. The Bible is a fascinating book. It is also a very accommodating book. It allows one to formulate any opinion one desires. If you wish to believe that God is good—that’s in the book. If you think God is evil —that’s in the book too. Think no one has ever seen God—that’s in the book. Think individuals have seen God face to face—it’s also in the book. Want to prove God is omnipresent—that’s in the book. Think God is surprised by events he stumbles upon by chance—that’s in the book as well. This book will open up a whole new way of reading the Bible, and may even help you decide what value the Old Testament writings have regarding your psychological and spiritual needs. Enjoy the read!