The Frontiersman: The Jed Stewart Story


Jedidiah Frank Stewart left his home in Missouri at age fifteen and headed west to become a mountain man. During his travels to Colorado, he saved a wounded Pawnee Indian and spent a winter living with the man’s tribe. He worked as a cattle drover, and then as an Indian scout for the Frontier Regiment in Texas before heading to the Rockies.

After making it to the Rocky Mountains, he met an old mountain man who showed him how to survive in the wilderness. Jake met a white girl who was living with the Crow Indians in the Rockies. After Elizabeth Tuttle survived the massacre of her village and adoptive family, Jake brought her out of the mountains with the Cheyenne hot on their heels. 

Jake gets Elizabeth settled in Denver, Colorado, and finds work as a teamster. He later became a U. S. marshal and in due time married Elizabeth. They have children and Jake gets into one scrape after another as he chases bandits and killers.